Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sorts of sorts

This blog has been created to talk about everything and anything. There'll be stories and I'll try to address subjects I feel as important. And, of course, I'll be talking about myself quite a bit.
But first let's get a couple things straight.
I'm known mostly as Addie and I enjoy obvious things. Don't we all? I am serious about fitness, and fashion. Though, I hardly appear to be fashionable; I still enjoy it.
I am always trying to lose weight, and I'll try not to mention this much. But, if I do, I suppose you'll know what I'm talking about. Let's see how far into blogging I can go, shall we?


  1. Are you serious about art

    cus kinda

    just sayin brah

  2. Keep at the weightloss! I recently lost a couple of stone myself and although i'm probably less healthy, it's certainly worth doing!

    Remember: the food you eat doesn't taste as good as looking better feels.