Thursday, September 23, 2010


When I was a kid I used to have this best friend that was pretty awesome to me at the time. He was so cool, you don't even know. We just seemed to click. I'm always going to remember him. Mostly because he LIVED in the WATER CLOSET. No, seriously.
   We had a wc in our classroom and when the bell for class rang he would sprint there and hide in there until lunch/recess. The teacher would slide assignments under the door and he would slide them back out as soon as he finished. No one ever asked him why. I wish I did. He also strongly favored the colour peach and grey.
      He often came out of his domain for colouring activities. He always stayed inside the lines and only used peach and grey. If the crayon didn't say "Peach" he would get so pissed. And when he finished coloring he would sit there and comb your hair with a paper clip. Yeah, he always had paper clips on him. He would lick the thing and just start combing. Never once did he strike me as odd. Now that I look back, what in the world. That poor boy. He thought he would grow up to marry our teacher.
         I wonder where he is now. Does he still get a kick from hiding in toilets and shouting something about how his mother said something to the effect of "moving with your uncle and auntie in Bel-Air?" None the less, he was weird and I want to meet that bro again.

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